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Inspiring chat with Mitch Morton aka Mr Anxiety

Adrian Houghton

Adrian Houghton

This is Mitch Morton.

For every child growing up playing footy, it’s their dream to play AFL; let alone win a Grand Final.

Mitch achieved both feats when he tasted the ultimate success in Sydney’s 2012 premiership.

He vomited over 10 times during that Grand Final, struggling to soak in the occasion.

And while his teammates were out on the town celebrating wildly, he was in bed, curled up with the doona firmly wrapped around him.

This was the direct cause of anxiety.

In an inspiring chat on The DeeBrief podcast, Mitch opens up about his traumatic experiences and how he’s using them to empower people to find ways to manage and live with anxiety.

The 40-minute interview is free and available via Apple, Spotify and your favourite apps.

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